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The category pages is where you are going to get more specific with your keyword phrases. You will want to talk about the specific category products here. You may talk about how wonderful the products are. Talk about how they are high quality. Talk about how they are a great price. The most important thing is that you are getting a good keyword saturation for the keywords that you chose for this page. If you don't have keywords for this page, you need to go back to dropship benchmark 3 to learn about creating a keyword spreadsheet. As always, please talk to your coach to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Make sure that you center your product table. We also usually suggest that you have a border of 0, select product name for your "Info to Show" option, price only or price and retail for the "Price Display", and check the "Add to Cart" checkbox.


The reason that you want to create a paragraph below the products is that the search engines have traditionally put the most weight on what is put at the top of the page. The second most weight is put on what is at the bottom of the page. Think about what you do when you go to a website. Usually, you look at the very top, scroll down a bit, and then all the way to the bottom. Once again, focus on the keyword saturation for the keywords chosen for this page.

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